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Precision and Power Resistors

NEXTECK provides low-impedance precision resistors and power resistors. Regardless whether of simple design or heavily-loadable power resistors ( Low temperature coefficient, low thermal EMF, long-term stability, low inductance, high pulse load etc.). NEXTECK series of products satisfy the highest demands.

 The film of resistance alloys / thermo-electric alloys are fabricated to resistance electrodes by etching / printing techniques . They are installed on the metal substrates via electronic insulating cement. 

The flat structure has very low inductance and low thermal resistance. Hot spot is avoided by optimizing current density.

Five kinds of surface mount resistors are provided for current detection resistance by conventional two lead wires and the four lead wires.They are widely used in automotive electronics, power electronics, drive technology, power detection and medical technology.

Copper and a kind of alloy are welded by high energy electron beam (EBW) to produce  resistance which can be punched and bent to any shapes and meet different application requirements neatly. Surface mount resistors are widely used in the heavy current environment, such as automobile manufacturing, battery charging technology, driving power source technology, electronic and electric energy meter.

This technique is very suitable for the production of precision resistors and power resistors ranging from 5 microhm to 100 ohm. Its flat structure is very helpful for the achievement of four lead wires technology.

  • Our precision resistors and power resistors have below properties.

  • Small size, long-term high power

  • Absolute low temperature coefficient

  • Excellent long-term stability

  • Very low resistance range from the beginning of the 0.005 milliohm

  • High pulse load

  • Very small standard error

  • Almost no voltage difference against copper

Each items of NEXTECK win years of accumulation and trust. Products used for semiconductors and electronic parts are very completed and with varied shaping methods,excellent forming property and size precision.

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