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NEXTECK provides all kinds of metal, nonmetal and precious target materials which are widely used in sputtering thin film, solar industry, display industry, decorative and functional coating industry, architectural glass and automotive glass industry.We sincerely welcome your purchase and cooperation.

  • TCO Material ( for Display )

    TCO Material ( for Display )

    Transparent conductive oxide, TCO specialty with conductivity close to metal , high visible spectrum transmittance , low resistivity , high infrared reflectance and other semiconductor characteristics , is widely used in different kinds of industries such as flat panel display, solar PV battery , touch screen , reflecting thermal mirror , coating of special functional window ,photoelectron , microelectronics, field of vacuum electronic devices and so on.

  • Sputtering Target

    Sputtering Target

    NEXTECK provides various sputtering targets ,such as metal /nonmetal , alloy/chemical compound and all kinds of precious metal ones, which are widely used in sputtering film, solar industry, flat panel display industry, decorative and functional coating industry, building glass / automotive glass industry etc..

  • Glass


    EAGLE2000, EAGLE XG, 1737, without alkali, potassium and natrium, are high quality glass substrate for electronic and photoelectric industry as raw glass. They are formed by specific Overflow Fusion Technology and possess the best surface flatness in the filed, widely used in TFT-LCD panel, polysilicon solar battery substrate, lithographic mask, optical coating substrate.

  • Backing Plate

    Backing Plate

    One of the most important process in sputtering is to ensure the target and the Backing Plate is bonded soundly to provide maximum thermal conductivity and mechanical strength.

    In order to meet sputtering requirement, NEXTECK can provide a full range of Sputtering Target Backing Plates, high temperature, low temperature or bonding service to target and backplane .

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