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NEXTECK is committed to solar photovoltaic supply for many years. We have established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known solar PV manufacturers. Our products are exported to many countries in Europe and Southeast Asia . NEXTECK provides safe and convenient PV connectors which are certified by German TUV .

  • Silicon Wafer

    Silicon Wafer

    We are proud of offering silicon wafer with high quality and attractive price under quality control in depth so that you are assured of good value added products from us. Our main product series include: IC level and solar grade silicon ingot and wafers.

  • Ti Substrate | Stainless Substrate | Pi Substrate

    Ti Substrate | Stainless Substrate | Pi Substrate

    NEXTECK provides rolling coil, rolling sheet and rolling foil.

    The mass production of rolling coils or rolling sheets ensuring their high purity and quality.

  • Sputtering Target

    Sputtering Target

    NEXTECK provides various sputtering targets ,such as metal /nonmetal , alloy/chemical compound and all kinds of precious metal ones, which are widely used in sputtering film, solar industry, flat panel display industry, decorative and functional coating industry, building glass / automotive glass industry etc..

  • Evaporation Material

    Evaporation Material

    NEXTECK provides a complete range of materials for thermal (resistive) and electron beam evaporation.

    A variety of shapes and sizes are produced, including evaporation slugs, wire, rod, pellets, granules and starter sources.

  • Silver Conductive Paste

    Silver Conductive Paste

    NEXTECK provides various solar conductive pastes.

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  • Solar Module

    Solar Module

    Solar modules, which are widely used in ground mounted utility-scale PV plants, large-scale and small civil and commercial power generating system such as BIPV combined to the grid, roof-mounted PV power system, rural electrification, communications, emergency auxiliary power.

  • High Purity CIGS Material

    High Purity CIGS Material

    NEXTECK has been engaged in the supply, refinement and recovery business of high purity Indium, Gallium and Selenium for over the past few decades. We are specialized in offering standard Indium, Gallium and Selenium for CIGS thin film industry.

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