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Each items of NEXTECK win years of accumulation and trust. Products used for semiconductors and electronic parts are very completed and with varied shaping methods,excellent forming property and size precision.

  • Air-cooling Fin and Pad

    Air-cooling Fin and Pad

    The heat radiation material has superior thermal conductivity and reputation. Heating panel and pad are the medium material used for transimmting the heat of IC or other electric parts to them.
  • Wafer


    Wafers are pieces of circular silicon chips made from pure silicon wafers (99.9999%) .   As the shapes are round, they are known as wafers.   NEXTECK provides two kinds of wafers : silicon wafers for semiconductors and silicon wafers for solar batteries.
  • Conductive Paste

    Conductive Paste

    NEXTECK mainly prodvides below three kinds of conductive pastes. TR-5917A  Conductor
    TR-5917B1  Conductor
    TR-5932S Conductor
  • Precision and Power Resistors

    Precision and Power Resistors

    NEXTECK provides low-impedance precision resistors and power resistors. Regardless whether of simple design or heavily-loadable power resistors(Low temperature coefficient, low thermal EMF, long-term stability, low inductance, high pulse load etc.). NEXTECK series of products satisfy the highest demands.
  • Precison Alloys

    Precison Alloys

    NEXTECK supplies various standards and customized world-class resistance alloys. All materials from strips, sheets, foils wires as well as EBW strips  are built for low value surface mount resistors, auto potentiometers, consumer electronics, tests, automatic controls and other fields.
  • Thermo-electric Alloys

    Thermo-electric Alloys

    NEXTECK supplies variety standards and customized world-class thermo-electric alloys. All materials from strips, sheets, foils , wires as well as EBW strips are built for low value surface mount resistors, auto potentiometers, consumer electronics, tests, automatic controls and other fields.
  • Dicing Tape

    Dicing Tape

    A dicing tape is used for fixing a work piece during the dicing process in the manufacturing of semiconductors, electronic and optical components. With greater diversity and higher quality in chips , dicing tapes also require advanced technology.
  • Tube


    The  tube of NEXTECK is made from plastic materials, such as PVC/PS/PET-G . The surface is anti-electric. It is used for IC package.

  • Cover Tape

    Cover Tape

    Cover tapes are used  for carrying thermo forming electron with superior applicability.

    Cover tapes include heat-seal type  and pressure sensitive type

  • Carrier Tape

    Carrier Tape

    EC and Clearen Sheet have been used and reputed as standard materials for carrier tapes.

    Various grades available for semiconductors and electronic components.

  • Reel


    Plastic reel

    Material : PS & ABS

    NEXTECK provides reels of variety specifications.

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