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Wafers are pieces of circular silicon chips made from pure silicon wafers (99.9999%) .

As the shapes are round, they are known as wafers.

NEXTECK provides two kinds of wafers : silicon wafers for semiconductors and silicon wafers for solar batteries.

Semiconductor wafers are measured from four to six inches. The specifications are as follows:

Items General Specification of Semiconductor Wafer
4 inch5 inch6 inch
Resistivity(Ω/cm) P-Type doped: Boron, 0.001-0.01, 0.01-0.5, >0.5 P++, P+, P-
N-Type doped: As, Phos, Sb, 0.001-1, 1-150
Diameter tolerance
Orientation (100), (111)(100), (110), (111)(100), (110), (111)
Orientation tolerance      ±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°
Edge ProfileT/RT/RT/R
Edge Condition11/22 Ground11/22 Ground11/22 Ground/Polished
Thickness tolerance
Backside TreatmentEtchPolySiO2EtchPolySiO2EtchPolySiO2
Bow(μm)±25±25(Before CVD)±25±25(Before CVD)±25±25(Before CVD)
Warp(μm)≦25≦25(Before CVD)≦25≦25(Before CVD)≦25≦25(Before CVD)
Options Laser marking, Poly-back, SiO2 seal, Back side damage

NEXTECK provides monocrystalline silicons and polysilicons in solar energy level. Customized specifications are also supplied. 

Below is some specifications of our 156mm Mono and Multi silicon wafers for your reference.

Category Mono silicon waferMulti wafer
156*156mm(Mono wafer)156*156mm(Multi wafer)
Growing methodCZ
Type PP
Crystal Orientation<100>+/-3 deg
Carbon content
Oxygen content
Etch Pit Defect
Minority Carrier Lifetime
(microsecond (μs) )
Dimension (mm)156+/-0.5156+/-0.5
Thickness (μm)200+/-20200+/-20
TTV (μm)<=30<=30
Bow/Warp (μm) <100<50 / <100
Edge (Chip)Depth≤0.5mmDepth≤0.5mm


Each items of NEXTECK win years of accumulation and trust.Products used for semiconductors and electronic parts are very completed and with varied shaping methods , excellent forming property and size precision.