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Enertec Expo 2017

It is the 7th International Exhibition on Products, Technologies of Energy Saving & Green Power ,held from July19, 2017 to July22, 2017 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As an important supplier of energy and green power industry, NEXTECK Technology (, 886-0800-008-982 ) is invited to attend this expo and introduce our products, such as constantan alloy, nichrome alloy, evanohm alloy, precision resistors etc.  

Enertec Expo introduces energy saving, environment-friendly products, using new sources of energy... and promises to bring into the show latest technologies and products which are firstly introduced in the market and directly to Vietnamese consumers. 

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Nexteck takes part in exhibitions regularly every year, such as ELECTRONICA China, NEPCON electronics, wirechina and so on.