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Be-Cu Alloy

Be-Cu Alloy
Be-Cu Alloy
Electrical Resistivity
at 20°C(μΩ.Cm)
(TC in ppm/K)
Din Material

Be-Cu Alloy Functions 

Beryllium copper is a ductile, weldable, and machinable alloy. It is resistant to non-oxidizing acids (for example, hydrochloric acid, or carbonic acid), to plastic decomposition products, to abrasive wear, and to galling. It can be heat-treated for increased strength, durability, and electrical conductivity. Beryllium copper attains the greatest strength (to 1,400 MPa (200,000 psi)) of any copper-based alloy.[1] It has good thermal conductivity (62 Btu/ft-deg.F-H) 3-5 times more than Tool steel.

Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper is a non-ferrous alloy used in springs, spring wire, load cells, and other parts that must retain their shape under repeated stress and strain. It has high electrical conductivity, and is used in low-current contacts for batteries and electrical connectors

Beryllium copper is non-sparking but physically tough and nonmagnetic, fulfilling the requirements of ATEX directive for Zones 0, 1, and 2. Beryllium copper screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, cold chisels, knives, and hammers are available for environments with explosive hazards, such as oil rigs, coal mines, and grain elevators. An alternative metal sometimes used for non-sparking tools is aluminium bronze. Compared to steel tools, beryllium copper tools are more expensive, not as strong, and less durable, but the properties of beryllium copper in hazardous environments may outweigh the disadvantages. Some other uses include:

Beryllium copper wire is produced in many forms: round, square, flat and shaped, in coils, on spools and in straight lengths.

Beryllium copper valve seats and guides are used in high performance four-stroke engines with coated titanium valves. BeCu dissipates heat from the valve as much as seven times faster than powdered steel or iron seats & guides. The softer BeCu reduces valve wear and increases valve life.[ 

Beryllium copper (C17200 & C17300) is an age-hardening alloy which attains the highest strength of any copper base alloy. It may be age hardened after forming into springs, intricate forms or complex shapes. It is valued for spring properties, corrosion resistance, stability, conductivity, and low creep.

Tempered beryllium copper is C17200 & C17300 that has been age hardened and cold drawn. No further heat treatment is necessary beyond a possible light stress relief. It is sufficiently ductile to wind on its own diameter and can be formed into springs and most shapes. Tempered wire is most useful where the properties of beryllium copper are desired, but age hardening of finished parts is not practical.

C17510 and C17500 beryllium copper alloys are age-hardenable and provide good electrical conductivity, physical properties, and endurance. They are used in springs and wire where electrical conduction or retention of properties at elevated temperatures is important.

Beryllium copper

Be- Cu alloy Application 

1.The high-performance beryllium copper mainly surrounds various working conditions of low-pressure and gravity casting molds for non-ferrous metals. 

2.The high-performance beryllium bronze mold material combining strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness and metal liquid corrosion resistance solves the problems of low pressure of non-ferrous metals, cracking of gravity casting molds, easy wear and the like, and significantly improves the life of the mold. 

3.Demolition speed and casting strength; overcome metal slag adhesion and erosion of the mold; improve the surface quality of the casting; reduce the production cost; make the mold life close to the import level. 

4.High-performance beryllium copper hardness HRC43, density 8.3g/cm3, containing Be 1.9%-2.15%, it is widely used in plastic injection molding molds for inserts, cores, die-casting punches, hot runner cooling systems, thermal nozzles, blowing The overall cavity of the mold, automobile mold, wear plate, etc.

Beryllium copper

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NEXTMFCA145FeCr21Al6145           -
+3320 and 100°C7.10       -
NEXTMFCA142FeCr21Al4142            -+40 to +6020 and 100°C7.9       -
NEXOHM®NiCr20AlSi1320.76Standard:±50.  Special:±3. ±10°C20 and 105°C82.4872
NEXTMNC6015NiCr60151110.9+100 to +20020 and 105°C8.22.4867
NEXTMNC8020NiCr80201080.93+50 to +15020 and 105°C8.32.4869
NEXTMNC3020NiCr30201040.96+300 to +40020 and 105°C7.91.486
NEXTMCM25CuMnNi25-10901.11±1020 and 50°C8-
NEXCN44®CuNi44492.04Standard:-80 to +40  Special:±1020 and 105°C8.92.0842
NEXTMNC30FNiCu30Fe492.04+400 to +60020 and 105°C8.92.436
NEXMANGAN®CuMn12Ni432.33Standard:±10 Special:±320 and 50°C8.42.1362
NEXTMCN30MCuNi30Mn402.5+80 to +13020 and 105°C8.82.089
NEXTMNF30NiFe30333.03Approx +32000 and 100°C8.5-
NEXTMCN23MCuNi23Mn303.33Approx +18020 and 105°C8.92.0881
NEXZERAN®CuMn7Sn293.45Standard:±10.  Special:±320 and 60°C8.5-
NEXTMNF28NiFe28214.76Approx +450020 and 100°C8.5-
NEXTMCN15CuNi15214.76Approx +30020 and 60°C8.9-
NEXTMCN10CuNi10156.67+350 to +45020 and 105°C8.92.0811
NEXTMCM3CuMn312.58+280 to +38020 and 105°C8.82.1356
NEXTMCN6CuNi61010+500 to +90020 and 105°C8.92.0807
NEXTMN99.2Ni99.2911.1+4700 to +58000 and 100°C8.92.4066
NEXTMN99.6Ni99.6812.5+5300 to +64000 and 100°C8.92.406
NEXTMN99.4Ni99.4Fe812.561800 and 100°C8.92.4062
NEXTMN99.98Ni99.98714.366000 and 100°C8.9-
NEXTMCN2CuNi2519.8+1000 to +160020 and 105°C8.92.0802
NEXTMCN1CuNi12.540300020 and 105°C8.9-
NEXTMCC0.3CuCr0.31.92-300020 and 105°C8.9-
NEXTMC99.9Cu-ETP/(E-Cu57)1.758.843000 and 100°C8.92.006



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