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NEXTECK provides completed evaporation materials for resistances and electron beams .The materials can be manufactured to variety shapes and specifications , including strip, wire, rod, pellet and pieces etc.. NEXTECK not only provides standard metal evaporation materials, but also make composite materials, hot pressed ceramics for alloys and vaccum casting materials.

  • Indium / Gallium  Oxide Powder

    Indium / Gallium Oxide Powder

    NEXTECK provides Indium Oxide Powder ( median diameter : 1 ~ 3 μm ) and GalliumOxide Powder ( median diameter : 0.5 ~ 10 μm ) .

  • Sputtering Target

    Sputtering Target

    NEXTECK provides various sputtering targets ,such as metal /nonmetal , alloy/chemical compound and all kinds of precious metal ones, which are widely used in sputtering film, solar industry, flat panel display industry, decorative and functional coating industry, building glass / automotive glass industry etc..

  • Evaporation Material

    Evaporation Material

    NEXTECK provides a complete range of materials for thermal (resistive) and electron beam evaporation.

    A variety of shapes and sizes are produced, including evaporation slugs, wire, rod, pellets, granules and starter sources.

  • Precious Metal / Nonferrous Metal

    Precious Metal / Nonferrous Metal

    NEXTECK offers a fast reliable service for precious metals including gold, palladium, platinum, silver, and many precious metal based alloys .

    They are available in various forms, most common are sputtering targets .

  • Crystal


    The OEM factory of NEXTECK in Japan has 60 years experience in crystal manufacture and market share up to 70% in Japan.

    NEXTECK started to develop Taiwan market from 2009 and held some market share initially due to reliable quality , durability and competitive price. Welcome coating film production and  processing factory to contact with us about business.

  • EB Filament

    EB Filament

    EB Filament is one more featured product provided by NEXTECK.

    Besides 6 main models, NEXTECK also offers customized products.  Welcome to contact us for any of your special requirements.

  • Silicone Paste

    Silicone Paste

    NEXTECK provides various high refractive index rate and common refractive index products.

    Welcome to contact and purchase.

  • Fluorescent Powder

    Fluorescent Powder

    NEXTECK offers three kinds of fluorescent powder for white light LED.

    Meanwhile, we can offer fluorescent tablet used for LED encapsulation.

    There are three kinds of fluorescent tablet measured in thickness 50μm, 75μm, 100μm.

  • Silver Conductive Paste

    Silver Conductive Paste

    Over a decade of experience in manufacturing silver conductive paste, NEXTECK is sure to be the first choice for your sourcing need. We offer high quality product with competitive price in a prompt delivery.

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