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Copper - Manganese Alloy' Feature and Application

A alloy is a combination of base metals such as copper, aluminum, or nickel, and one or two other elements of relatively higher percentage. Copper - Manganese Alloy is improving the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of low alloyed copper as well as brass alloys. This is to say copper-manganese master alloy has the features of copper, which is a soft, conductive, non-ferrous metal. The copper content in this alloy provides it corrosion resistance and ductility.


Metal alloys are preferred over pure metals as they are more economical, and save production time and energy as they melt faster in lower temperatures.

Nexteck copper - manganese alloy are can be supplied in the form of strip, ribbon, sheet, foil, wire and fine wire with the characteristics of high precision, low temperature coefficient, high low-term stability for electrical resistance, extremely low thermal EMF versus copper and good working properties as standard material for precision, standard and shunt resistors and low cost replacement material for silver solder for hard metal mounting.

Nexteck takes part in exhibitions regularly every year, such as ELECTRONICA China, NEPCON electronics, wirechina and so on.

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