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Sputtering Targets' Category and Development Trend

There are many types of sputtering targets, and there are different methods for classifying targets. Each sputtering target has this very important industrial value. Since the sputtering target industry has always been an important foundation for the development of high-end technology competition. At present, it is classified into a metal target, an alloy target, a ceramic compound target, etc. depending on the composition. Among them, ceramic compound targets are divided into different types of targets such as oxide silicides, nitrides, sulfides, carbides and fluorides.


We know that the regional agglomeration of the global semiconductor industry has created a high degree of aggregation of high-purity sputtering target manufacturers, and most domestic manufacturers are still in a state of small scale, low level of technology and decentralized industrial distribution. The market is still in the early stage of development, mainly in the low-end product field competition, in semiconductor chips, liquid crystal displays and solar cells and other markets, but for the relatively high-end industry, the domestic sputtering target enterprises plan to be a blank.


The rapid development of sputtering targets is the development of market opportunities in China in recent years. However, the development of sputtering targets also drives the development of flat panel display, semiconductor integrated circuits, solar cells and other industries. The sputtering target has been monopolized by some foreign enterprises for a long time before. In recent years, the market demand for sputtering target has increased sharply. Some large domestic enterprises first obtain high-performance sputtering target enterprise and break the monopoly of foreign enterprises, bring a lot of opportunities for domestic market competition.


There are many types of sputtering targets, and the classification methods are also different. The development of sputtering target industry in China is growing rapidly. Behind the development of sputtering targets, our researchers are more invested and more professional. At present, the domestic sputtering target industry is experiencing a period of rapid development. The rising momentum is only fast to make up for the technical defects of domestic similar products, further improve the development chain of the sputtering target industry, and actively participate in international technical exchanges and market competition. The overall strength of the target industry is getting stronger and stronger.

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