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Copper-Iron Alloy, A New Electronics Material from Nexteck

As the different specific gravity of copper and iron, metal manufactures have not found a way to mix them by melting depending on the past mass production technology and manufacturing know-how. Recent years Nexteck Technoloy Co., Ltd experts succeed in creating the copper-iron alloy by adding special flux, deoxidizer and more to the fusion through process of fusion-casing and forging process. 

Copper-Iron Alloy (Cu-Fe Alloy), the material that holds the excellent characteristics of both Copper and Iron , demonstrates the electromagnetic characteristic of iron and electroconductive characteristic of copper. Nexteck Technoloy Ltd  also provde this advanaced meterial- Copper-Iron Alloy for  your diverse applications. It develop the road to be a magnetic material, a structural material, a spring material and electromagnetic shielding material used in the industrial worlds, such as electricity, electron, and machines. 

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Compared with copper foil, Copper-Iron Alloy can further enhance the electromagnetic shielding effect. Alongside with electromagnetic shielding effect, the excellence of Copper Iron Alloy can also be found in  their mechanical strength and rigidity that is performed even when it's  thin. It will improve the thermal dissipation functionality of shield cases and achieved further improvement in thermal conduction and earthing function as they have made soldering and brazing especially easy.

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