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Soft Reminder of GDPR from NEXTECK

GDPR refers to  EU General Data Protection Regulation which renew the current EU laws and comes into effect on 25 May, 2018. GDPR aims at harmonize data protection compliance.  It is going to re-define the control of how personal information/data is used and controlled both within the EU and worldwide. NEXTECK renews its privacy protection rules to guarantee all customers' information.

 Give users meaningful choices in privacy

NEXTECK  knows  that control over personal information is important.

We give our users real and realistic choices about what information they share with us and how it is used.

Limit the sharing of customer information

NEXTECK limits the sharing of customer information which can be only used internal only.

 Build and maintain safe products & services

NEXTECK has implemented a number of programs to protect everyone who uses NEXTECK's websites and developed complaint and escalation processes to help resolve problems in a fair and consistent manner.


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