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Precison Alloy of Nexteck Technology

The precision alloys of Nexteck Technology stands for the highest quality on the market and dispaly their extraordinary advantages in many areas of electronics and electrical engineering. In production, we consistently respond to individual customer needs and supply various forms and designs depending on the requirements.


The precision alloys of Nexteck Technology are processed in almost all sectors. However, they are mainly used in the automotive and aviation industries, analytics, process and railway technology, petrochemistry,  as well as control, measurement and regulation technology. 


Our alloys are manufactured compliance to  the strictest tolerances and taking into consideration all national and international standards. Our extraordinary high level quality are result from this. We also take individual customer requirements into account - no matter foil, strip, ribbon, fine wire or wires with bare or insulated surfaces.


Nexteck Technology provides not only precision alloys, but also resistance alloys and electrothermal alloys.

Attend exhibitions, focus on industry devolpment trend and new technology,Nexteck Technology Limited keeps pace with the times ,exploring and innovating so as to achieving continuous development.

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