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Cu-Ni Alloys in EN and Former DIN Standards

Wrought Cu-Ni alloys are standardized in different EN standards.  According to the ISO 1190-1, the identification symbol CuNi is applied to wrought Cu-Ni alloys, followed by a number which denotes the mean nickel content. Thus CuNi10 contains approx. 90% Cu and 10% Ni.  CuNi10 is one main copper product of Nexteck Electronics.


Further addition elements are indicated in the identification symbol by attaching the chemical symbol and very often by stating the mean contents. Cu-Ni wrought alloys are supplied in the form of strip, sheet, plate, tube, bar, wire and drop forgings. Data on mechanical properties are given in the corresponding semi-fabrications standards for the respective alloys.

EN only contains the binary alloy CuNi25. Further binary alloys containing 2, 6 and 10% Ni can be used at application temperatures of 300 to 400ºC max. and are standardized as resistance alloys in DIN 17 471 among others.


The standard alloys containing manganese and iron which are also included are characterized by the following chemical symbol for manganese or iron if and insofar as this is necessary for differentiation of similar materials, e.g. CuNi23Mn (23% Ni, 1.5% Mn and therefore about 75.5% Cu), CuNi30Mn (30% Ni, 3% Mn and about 67% Cu) or CuNi44 for the alloy containing 44% Ni, 1% Mn and 55% Cu, in the identification symbol of which only the number of the mean nickel content is stated. The last three materials specified are suitable for maximum application temperatures of 500 to 600ºC. As a top class alloy provider, Nexteck Technology  supply CuNi23Mn, CuNi30Mn as well as CuNi44 (constantan).


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