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Standards for Coppers and Copper Alloys

Standards for coppers and copper alloys are important because they define material requirements—such as composition, mechanical and metallurgical properties—so that materials can be ordered and supplied with confidence, from any reputable supplier, like Nexteck Technology Limited.

Standards cover material designations (compositions) and product forms—rolled flat, tube, rod/bar profiles and wire, and forging stock/forgings. The pure copper, copper nickel alloy, copper manganese alloy from Nexteck Technology are provided in the form of strip, foil, sheet, wire and fine wire. Product standards define compositions, property requirements, tolerances, sampling procedures, conformity verification test methods and delivery conditions.

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There are different standards systems in place in different regions and it is often necessary to be able to compare these (e.g. European, old British, American and Japanese Standards) and find equivalents.

Coppers and copper alloys, like other materials, are covered by standards. The use of standards is essential in the proper definition of the type, form and condition of an alloy. Standards form part of the technical language used in communication between producers of alloys, manufacturers, designers and stockists and any technical person concerned with materials usage. It is not sufficient to define an alloy by its common name, such as ‘brass’ or ‘bronze’. For many years, copper alloys have been covered by British Standards (BS). In most cases, these have been replaced by European Standards (EN) which will apply in other CEN Member countries.



The EN series of designations for coppers and copper alloys offer a selection of materials to suit a very wide variety of end uses. They represent a consensus agreement on those most frequently ordered by consumers. As a large number of national preferences have needed to be taken into account against the background of a pan-European agreement to develop tight product standards, the European Standards are more complex than the old British Standards. Furthermore, the European Standards tend to cover narrower fields than British Standards; hence there are more alloys in the EN series than in the old BS series. BS EN is the British adoption of the EN standards (see BS EN to BS comparison table).


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