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The Copper Market's Demand and Economic Value in EU

Used for its superior properties, such as having the best electrical and thermal conductivity of any commonly used metal, as well as its durability and hygienic properties, copper is a key material for innovation in a number of sectors including renewable energy supplies, energy efficiency, sustainable buildings, transport systems and healthcare.


The direct copper market in the EU is made up of around 500 companies, has an estimated turnover of about €45 billion, and employs around 50,000 people. However, what is far more important is the breadth of industrial and service sector employment that is based on the added value achieved through the use of copper products in energy utilities, electricians, automotive companies, electronic equipment manufacturers. These “downstream” sectors employ several million people and represent a substantial part of EU’s industrial base.


To meet the modern world’s increasing demand for copper, which has doubled in the last 25 years, it has been important to exploit copper’s ability to be 100% recycled, without any loss in performance. Throughout the last ten years, it is estimated that 44% of the EU’s copper demand has been met through the recovery and recycling of value-chain offcuts, plus end-of-life products.


Copper mining production in the EU represents 4.6% of the total world production. China was the world’s largest producer of refined copper, with 27% of the world output, followed by Chile (16%), Japan (7%) and the USA and Russia (5% each). Nexteck Technology Limited offers broad range of copper alloys in the form of foil, strip, sheet, wire and fine wire to meet various applications.

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