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Nexteck' s Second Day Visit with the Mission to Seoul, South Korea

After yesterday's activities of attending Greater Bay Area Technology Seminar, networking luncheon, business matching meetings, Munjeong-dong Raemian Gallery and Ground X Corp visit, today the delegate continue Korea's business travel.


At 10 to 11 A.M., the mission visit Doosan Robotics which is part of the Doosan Group and a major global player in the design, development and delivery of advanced collaborative robot systems and solutions to manufatures. It enables smart factories by developing and manufacturing cobots that are capable of doing complex tasks based on precise detection skills via torque sensors, excellent safety performance and detailed power control, and it is future industry for smart factory using robot models. 


The mission enjoys lunch with Gyeonggi multipliers at 12 to 14:00 P.M. to share and exchange the information of Korea, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The participants exchange business cards with companies of mutual interest for further contact. 


The last stop today is to visit Gyeonggi Technopark. The Technopark is established in 1998 as hub of technological innovation in Gyeonggi Province, Gyeonggi Technopark (GTP) has led creative economy with the means of technological collaboration among business and research sectors, business incubation, and cluster development.


All the visits bring new ideas and insights to Nexteck to regulate the company's development strategy, open up new markets for the company's alloy products.

Nexteck takes part in exhibitions regularly every year, such as ELECTRONICA China, NEPCON electronics, wirechina and so on.

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