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Copper-Nickel Alloys Application and Features

Copper-nickel alloys, also refer to as cupronickel, are widely used for marine applications due to their excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, good fabricability and low macrofouling rates . They have provided reliable service for decades while offering effective solutions to today’s technological challenges.


Non-marine applications for copper-nickel include cryogenic applications, brake tubing and silver-colored coins. Since copper-nickel alloys have strong antimicrobial properties, they are marketed as hygienic "touch materials" to reduce cross-contamination and infections, particularly in hospital intensive care units.


The addition of nickel to copper improves strength and corrosion resistance while allowing the copper nickel alloy to remain ductile. Other elements can be added to copper-nickel to increase strength, corrosion resistance, weldability, hardening,  and castability.

90-10 copper-nickel (CuNi10), an alloy with 90% copper and 10% nickel, is the most commonly used alloy. It can be found in commercial shipping, naval , offshore oil, gas production as well as desalination and power generation.

Apart from CuNi10, alloys with 30% nickel content and those which are more highly alloyed with aluminum, chromium or tin are used where greater resistance to seawater flow, sand abrasion, wear and galling, as well as higher mechanical properties, are required.

Nexteck Group's copper nickel alloy lineup consist of CuNi1, CuNi2, CuNi6, CuNi10, CuNi15 as well as CuNi44 and CuMn12Ni, which are applicable to resistors, heating field, soldering field and more

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