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The  tube of NEXTECK is made from plastic materials, such as PVC/PS/PET-G . The surface is anti-electric. It is used for IC package.

Main Functions

  • Getting ride of dirt, static and  carrying damage due to sturdy, durable and special design

  • Convenient for perspective inspection and quality inspection when goods leaving the factory because of the Transparent surface

  • Controlling the number of products easily owing to  the fixed length of plastic pipe

  • Often used in automatic machinery on account of its precise and consistent profile

Tube applications
IC, such as the package for DIP, SOP, MSOP, TSSOP and TO
Connector packing
LED packing
AC-DC rectifier, inverter packing
Optical lens packing


Plastic tube



PDIP type

PDIP300、450、500、600、750 mil etc.


SOP type

SOP150、SOP300、BQ150、SOP450 etc.

TSSOP type

MSOP118mil、TSSOP173mil、236mil、240 mil etc

QFN type

QFN3x3、QFN4x4 etc.

PLCC type

PLCC32、PLCC44、SOJ300 etc.

TO type

TO220/263、TO251/252、TO3P etc.

LENS type

LENS, lens cone etc.

LED type

HIGH POWER, LED, substrate , air-cooling fin

Component type

Connector, Switch, Converter

Each items of NEXTECK win years of accumulation and trust. Products used for semiconductors and electronic parts are very completed and with varied shaping methods,excellent forming property and size precision.

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